10 days to go

Its almost time to leave with my trip only 10 days away! Xmas is pretty chaotic this year with my family all over the place, a flat to clear out and plenty of packing to do so it all still feels very far away.

For those who don’t know at the start of Jan I’m heading off for 4 and a half months to South America, Central America and Canada. My itinerary is below so check back here over the next few months for updates on progress.

  • First half of Jan: Buenos Aires
  • Second half of Jan: Patagonia
  • Feb: Bolivia and Peru
  • March: Central America
  • April: Yoga teacher training in nicaragua
  • May: Canada

When I do give it some thought I’m a mixture of excited/terrified that I’m going to get into a dodgy taxi and get scammed, mugged or worse on the first day. As nothing ever turns out how I expect it to I’m pretty sure that if anything goes wrong it won’t be that, which is sort of comforting…..


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