Day 1 in Buenos Aires

I made it through the horrible long flight and have made it to BA yay! So far I seen to have lucked out on the hostel, it’s in a converted old town house with white washed walls and quite a lot of space in the room. I’m sharing with a German girl and a guy from New York. I think we’re going out for dinner soon-my efforts to be frugal and make my own dinner have backfired as I probably won’t use the stuff I’ve just bought boo! Oh well, hopefully the fun will be a good substitute. We’re also right opposite a huge mall full of zara, burger king and starbucks so I don’t feel too far from home after all.

In the supermarket earlier I met this crime against food:


I’ve never seen so much mayonnaise in one place. It’s existence offends me.

I also caught a yoga class earlier. It was great for my shoulders after dragging around my bags for hours this morning but pretty surreal as it was mostly in spanish. My Spanish has degraded considerably since last time I was here and I didn’t understand anything. Luckily yoga is pretty self explanatory once it gets going so after the initial meditation bits (where I was permanently worried about being the only one who haden’t realised we were meant to be doing something) I could follow most of it.

That’s me for today. Still feeling a bit freaked out about being here but slowly getting used to it.

Ciao for now!


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