Day 2 in Buenos Aires

Today has been fun. One of my roommates was going to San Telmo which has a huge market on Sundays so I tagged along there and we walked around for hours. It really is huge-the stalls go on for something like a mile. Its a really pretty part of the city with lots of parisian looking apartments and trees lining the street. My feet hurt quite a lot now!

Obviously I didn’t take a picture, the subte (buenos aires subway) was far more interesting to me.


A couple of major wins today: my roommate gave me his sube (like oyster) card as he’s leaving tomorrow, which is good as I’ve tried a couple of times to buy one and something always seems to go wrong. I also get to stay at the same hostel for another night after thinking I had to move. Best news of the day as my bag is stupidly heavy and I couldn’t face moving it!

I just remembered I do have one photo of San telmo…. there was a shop there that only seems to sell gnome ornaments which was too good to resist. Here it is!


For dinner we ended up in a random peruvian place near our hostel. The plate of food was massive! I got a huge plate of rice, two baked potatoes, a huge chunk of chicken breast and a while chicken leg. It was really good and full of people at 8.30 which is v unusual for a restaurant in ba (they barely open before 10!)



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