Day 3 in Buenos Aires

Today I went to La Boca, a neighborhood with a reputation for danger! I’d read lots of horror stories of muggings and the like so wasn’t sure I had the nerve to go. The guy who runs my hostel however didn’t seem to think there was a problem and in fact a bus ran from right outside the hostel to la boca. As it turns out I needn’t have worried, the tourist street is the last stop on the bus route and as soon as you arrive all you can see if tourist parading round with massive cameras and police walking around supervising things. Seriously, it was like every tour group in ba had converged on the place!  After the initial coolness of the multicoloured houses there isn’t that much to see other than a lot of tourist shops. It would be a great place to but presents on the last day of a trip but unfortunately it was too much for me so after half an hour I headed back to the Plaza del Mayo and got some lunch instead. Here are a couple of pictures of La Boca, it does look very cool!





I also took a quick detour into a church which was nice. It’s 30 degrees today so a quick break from the sun was good.


Now I’m heading on to the botanical gardens where there are apparently a lot of cats. I am very excited about this!


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