Day 4 in Buenos Aires

At the moment I’m hiding in a cafe drinking tea. It was about 35 degrees yesterday and we had an epic storm in the night which hasn’t quite dissipated yet. I tried to go to the botanic gardens after getting lost and arriving too late yesterday but this time got rained on so gave up. I’m sad as there are lots of cats there and I want to hang out with them like a crazy cat lady!


Here is a pic of some sculptures that were in the gardens anyway.

Last night turned out well. I was prepared for a quiet night reading the hobbit when a new girl arrived and stayed a jam session with the hostel receptionist guy. They were amazing! He turned out to be studying music at uni and she was trained in singing Latin American music. Eventually it turned into a very fun karaoke session for the girls, while the guys sort of hummed along in the background.


After that we went to a drumming show. It was so much fun! After the drumming everyone left and paraded down the street carnival style for about 45 mins before ending up in a club.  Apparently it happens every Monday and the traffic doesn’t mind having to wait for everyone to go past!


I’m going to spend the rest of today sorting myself out for the 14 hour bought bus ride to mendoza. I have high hopes as I’ve heard a lot about how good the buses are so fingers crossed!


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