My first Argentine bus experience (blew my mind)

I’m writing this an hour or so into the 14 hour journey from Buenos Aires to Mendoza which is turning out not too bad at all! The journey began at Retiro bus station, a large place with 75 platforms. Its got a reputation for being a hot spot for mugging but I’m happy to report I got through it fine. The 5 minute walk from retiro subway station was busy with lots of others going the same way and the bus station itself was surprisingly easy to navigate. Unlike british stations which often seem to have platforms all over the place in no particular logical order, retiro has its platforms in a straight line by numerical order. There’s also an information desk right by the main entrance which is great!

Having found my bus I was ushered to my seat which was all I expected and more. Fully reclining leather seats, wifi, individual tv screen and as even a plug! We left on time and I enjoyed watching the sunset for an hour or so before dinner was served. This was one of those times I wish I’d had someone next to me to giggle with. The first thing put in front of me was the most impressive exhibition of how many things you can do with ham, cheese and bread that I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately my phone camera was broken at the time but there was plain ham and cheese, two bread rolls, a ham and cheese tart thing, a pinwheel thing made with ham, cheese and white bread and a container of fruit.

As if that wasn’t enough, 5 mins later the hostess asked if I liked chicken then proceeded to put the main course literally on top of the ham and cheese masterpiece. Not going to lie, this dish looked terrifying. It actually tasted ok, and a really wierd looking thing in the corner turned out to be some kind of spinach frittata. The rest was a reasonable approximation of chicken and roast potatoes. On the side you get red wine which was a nice touch! On the way back they also offered a choice of champagne or whiskey after dinner.

All in all I’m very impressed. And I really hate buses usually!


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