Back in Buenos Aires

Yesterday was a pretty quiet day. I had breakfast in Puerto Madero after getting off the bus. This is a mostly newly built area of Buenos Aires that sits on some kind of canal. Its very nice. I tried to find something more interesting but ended up in starbucks with a bagel. They only seem to do cake for breakfast here!


I finally managed to make it to yoga at Buena Onda which was lovely. The studio had aircon and it was exactly the kind of class I like so all smiles. We did get locked out of the building for a while which was bizarre – someone who lived there was also locked in – but there were a few other people waiting si it was all ok.

After I finally managed to make my own dinner. I defaulted to tortellini as I’m scared of the meat in the supermarkets here and there’s not really much point buying more than one days worth as I’m never sure what I’m doing. My new room mates seemed interesting, there was a guy who is an osteopath from Paris and a girl training to be a doctor from Germany. I feel asleep listening to a funny conversation where the osteopath started telling the doctor that ‘if she ate fried food it meant the fire inside her increased’ which was apparently bad. It lasted about 30 seconds before the dr said something like ‘I’m a dr, I don’t really believe in that’ and everyone went to sleep.

Today is probably the hottest day here yet, I think it must be approaching 40 and it’s humid too.

I ended up making friends with the dr at breakfast and went with her to meet her friend at the ‘pink house’. We had a tour but I want paying enough attention so I’ll attempt to make up some details about it! I think it’s where the Argentinian president and government sit, and also where Eva and Juan Peron can be seen addressing the masses in famous pictures of them. I want too enthused about going but it was actually pretty cool and the tour was in spanish and English (and free) so a nice easy morning out for me!




I didn’t get any pictures of the outside but it’s a beigy pink all over. Noone is sure why but one theory is that to protect it from the humidity, back in the day they painted it with a mixture of lime and animal fat, and because the animal fat still had some blood in it it turned pink. Ick!

After the tour I took another yoga class with Buena Onda. This time it was in someone’s apartment which was really cool. I’m sad that I didn’t get pictures-I want their light fittings for my flat!

I followed that up with a visit to Gallerias Pacifico which definitely gets my vote for BAs nicest shopping mall.


They still had their xmas tree up. Noone send to observe the taking it down by 6th January rule here!

Everything in the mall was out of my back packer price range so I windrow shopped for a while, bought one if these very beautiful ice creams then headed back to the hostel.


For dinner I went to a place called Don Julio with my friends from the morning. It’s very famous for its steak and we did indeed have a great dinner. Controversially, I don’t agree with the idea that Argentine steak is the best in the world. It’s good bit I’ve eaten many a great fillet back in the shire that could now than hold its own here.



It was dark in the restaurant which makes for very blurry pictures!

Today I’m moving hostel to a place in San Telmo. I’m not looking forward to dragging my bags over there. See you on the other side!


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