Foo Fighters!

I never actually thought I’d get to go to the Foo Fighters concert. I bought the tickets online from a resale site, after which they had to make it to the uk in time for my mum to get hold of them before she flew out to meet me. That’s before the risk of them being fake! Also they were playing in La Plata, a small city 50km from Buenos Aires and we needed to catch our flight to Patagonia back in Buenos Aires at 8am the next morning.

La Plata itself was unexpectedly nice. There wasn’t much info about it in the guidebook or online but it’s definitely worth a day trip. We had a few hours to kill there before the concert so checked out the parks and cathedral. The cathedral was really beautiful with these amazing stained glass windows.


And amazing vaulted ceilings.


There was another interesting building, but I forget what this was!


Next step was getting into the stadium – would our tickets be fake?!? Fortunately they weren’t, and the guys on the door barely looked at them anyway. Yay, we were in! The stadium was pretty cool too, it would be great seeing the football here.


We were going to skip the supports as my mum went with me and I thought that would be too much loud music for her. When I mentioned that one if the bands was the Kaiser Chiefs though she got surprisingly excited! Apparently she knows the lead singer from the Voice so we headed to the to catch them. The actually did a great job, I didn’t realise how many of their songs I knew and apart from a couple of abortive attempts at Spanish their stage chat seemed to get a good reception.

The Foo Fighters were epic. They played a 3 hour set with pretty much every song I knew and then some. I won’t say too much about it in case anyone is going to see then in London, just that I loved it! Unexpectedly, mum loved it so much that she wants tickets to see them in London!!! Give me a shout if you know anyone with a spare. I tried to take pictures but they didn’t work too well. Here is one of Dave Grohl bathed in an angel like glow.


And me and Mum awaiting their coming.


So cool to see a band out here!


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