Leaving Buenos Aires

After 2 weeks its finally time to say goodbye to Buenos Aires. I really love it here but the last couple of days have been very hot and humid so I’m excited to be going South on Monday.

My mum arrived yesterday and we spent the day walking around the huge coastal reserve at the edge of the city and sitting in Starbucks catching up on some reading (if I haven’t said it before I really love starbucks and while I’m a little ashamed of the amount of time I spend there while traveling it’s nowhere near enough to stop me going!)

Here is a picture of the Atlantic as seen from the coastal reserve. The sea was rough yesterday after a storm the night before and looked treacherous.


Today we’re heading to a city called La Plata, about 50km from Buenos Aires. The main reason for going is that I have tickets to see the Foo Fighters play at the football stadium there. I bought them on ViaGoGo in the uk so I’m not convinced they’re real yet! La Plata is meant to be pretty though so probably not a bad place to spend a few hours.

We’re also taking the train there which is exciting. The tickets cost about 20p each! The trains are ok, they have plastic seats and are covered with graffiti but at that price I can’t complain!




After the concert we have a short night ahead of us. The taxi to take us to the airport to catch our flight to El Calafate arrives at 3.30am! I’m looking forward to napping on the plane.


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