Patagonia days 4-6

My posts have got a little out of order.  This actually all happened before we visited Perito Merino but I’m no WordPress ninja yet!

We spent the rest of our time in Argentinian Patagonia doing more walking. So much walking! The second day of hiking took us to Laguna Los Tres, which was reached after a 9km walk followed by a climb of 400m in 1km. When the rangers talked about the final climb I remember thinking “eh, doesn’t sound so bad”. When we got to it though it was so hard!!! The whole way felt almost vertical and it was clambering over rocks for I reckon at least and hour. That was all forgotten very quickly on reaching the top though when we were greeted with this amazing view.


We could have walked down hill closer to the lake but by then all I wanted to do was eat lunch! We stayed for a while then made our way back. The downhill was equally hideous, it seemed to go on forever and whatever muscles it needed I just don’t seem to have! On our return we had dinner then got an early night.

Day 5 was another day, another hike and another view of Cerro Torre (the distinctive tower you can see in all the pictures of the mountains). Today’s route was uphill almost the whole way, which was another 10k! Towards the end I’d properly had enough and almost called it a day when luckily a man said hello and that it was only 5 minutes to the top. I’m glad I kept going as this was probably my favorite view of our time in El Chalten.


Same mountain range and Lake, slightly different angle! I also really enjoyed the walk back which was downhill all the way but at less steep angle than the day before so my legs weren’t screaming as much. The route was called Loma Del Pliegue Tombado and according to the rangers was less popular than the walks on the last two days. I definitely noticed this, it was lovely to hardly see anyone in the way back after regularly ending up in queues of hikers on the previous walks. Slight panic insued when I returned to the hotel as my mum had left the summit 20 minutes before me and wasn’t back at the hotel even though I hadn’t passed her on the trail! I gave it half an hour then went and had a meltdown at the ranger station. They were lovely and told me not to worry and it happens all the time. She eventually showed up about an hour later having apparently decided to climb another mountain and not tell me. Parents hey!

For our last morning in El Chalten we kept it short and walked 45 mins to a waterfall close to El Chalten. I’ll admit that even this was a challenge for me by then, I was really tired! Any how we made it and the waterfall was very pretty.


We caught the 1pm bus back to El Calafate and checked into our hotel, Hospedaje Lautaro. This place had great reviews for the friendly staff and didn’t disappoint. Breakfast even came with oats and an approximation of yoghurt. The first time that’s happened on this trip!


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