Last day patagonia/journey to La Paz

We said goodbye to Punta Arenas by having some dodgy sushi for lunch. I was tempted by 12 pieces, a drink and a pudding for £4. I should know by now that will never be good things. We walked by the sea a bit more than sunk some avocado and toast and a huge piece of cheesecake mid afternoon.


By then I was feeling pretty sick! Anyway, plenty of time for it to wear off before our 10.40pm flight and wear off it did. This was helped by the considerable time we direct wandering around looking for a mythical bus, claimed to exist by the lonely planet, tourist office and the Internet. All we could find was a locked office! Oh well, in the end the nice lady from our hotel called a taxi for us which only cost £8.

There commenced one of my last favourite journeys. When I booked the flight I was convinced I was a money saving genius by planning a night sleeping in Santiago airport before my flight at midday the day after to La Paz. While I can now tick that one off my backpacker bucket list I can report that sleeping in airports is not fun! First there’s choosing a quiet spot where you don’t feel terrified of being mugged. Than there’s the air con. This was my ultimate nemesis, it was freezing! A lot of people had been much better prepared than me and brought blankets or sleeping bags. Next time!

I was also hopeful for breakfast as I’d checked out the airport online and there is a Starbucks in international departures! Unfortunately my fight makes a random stop in Chile en route to La Paz so I apparently have to leave from the domestic terminal 😦

I did manage to find some yoghurt and granola in a mini mart here! After being freaked out by a strange, mucous like coating on the top of the yoghurt this actually tasted ok. It was made more interesting as I had to eat it using a bread roll as a scoop because the shop had no spoons.


Stepping outside briefly, Santiago looks like it might be cool!



Had I not checked my bag all the way to La Paz (at least I hope I have – the check in lady at Punta Arenas was very scatty!) I reckon I could have quite happily stopped here for a few days.

And…. discovered after heading on to departures, Starbucks! Finally, some fresh fruit. I’m very happy.


Anyway, onwards and literally upwards to La Paz. Preparing myself for altitude sickness eek!

Finally, a big hats off to my mum for surviving the last few weeks. I don’t know many parents who would enjoy themselves in spite of the backpacker accommodation, daily cake for breakfast/lack of muesli and long journeys. Nice one!


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