Salt flats day 3

The final day off the tour started very early so that we could make it to dine buy springs and get a couple of people who are finished their tour in San Pedro de Atacama in Chile to the border on time. We were treated to pancakes and dulce de leche for breakfast instead of the stale bread the day before which was a nice surprise.

The driving this morning was beautiful again. Our driver pulled over so that we could take pictures of this.


Then a little while later we arrived at some geysers. They were everywhere and going off constantly so with the sunrise as a back drop the colours were amazing.


We stopped for about 30 minutes to look around and saw pools of boiling mud, huge steaming vents and crevices going deep into the earth.



Next we got to swim in a hot spring for the bargain price of 60 bolivianos (60p) including use of the bathroom. This was awesome. It was everything I hoped the blue lagoon in Iceland would be i.e. hot!


After the geysers and hot springs we sped off to a lake very close to the Chilean border. This was very cool as our guide pointed out mountains in Chile, Argentina and Bolivia, all within touching distance. I hadn’t realised how close we were to the borders between all three countries




After leaving 2 of our group at the border to catch their connection to the border we had a long day of driving ahead. This was punctuated with a couple of stops to look at the blue and white lakes  (which mainly send to be blue) more closely and to have lunch.

The final stop of the day was at a vast field of rock formations with the dramatic backdrop of this stormy sky.


They were very impressive and I wanted around by myself for a while just taking in the majesty of it all.

By the time we arrived back in Uyuni at 7pm I’d had now than enough of being driven around! I had planned to get the bus to my next so stop at Potosi with the Argentinian girls who were leaving that evening but when it came to it I couldn’t face another 4 hours in the bus so checked into a hostel and got some dinner  (very good vegetarian tacos, om nom nom). I was joined at my table by a lovely Latvian girl who completely sold me in visiting El Salvador on the Central America section of my trip and got me speaking Spanish for the whole meal. Longest conversation in Spanish so far! I love that about travelling – random encounters that you end up learning so much from.


One thought on “Salt flats day 3

  1. Just read your updated blog – looks a fantastic place to visit! Uncle Jim still following also.
    Fetched Toffee yesterday – very frosty and cold here (0 degrees cent). He looks very well and very woolly.
    Lots of love, Mum xxx


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