Cusco day 1: mostly restaurants

We were kicked off the Bolivia Hop bus at 5.45am and put in taxis to our hostels. Luckily the lovely receptionist at VIP hostel let me check into my single room at 6.30. Accommodation is definitely more expensive here than in Bolivia. For about the same as I paid for a big room with two double beds, private bathroom and great views of La Paz, in Cusco I have a tiny cold room with a single bed. No matter, the wifi is about a thousand times better than La Paz and the hostel staff are nice.




There was breakfast in the hotel but I decided to go crazy and tasty myself to Jack’s where I ordered Huevos Rancheros (Yes, I eat pretty much all eggs now. I still most definitely do not easy mayo) and a mango smoothie. They were both huge and delicious! You could probably happily share between two.


Afterwards I started to navigate the huge amount if tour agencies to choose my route to Machu Pichu. Loads of people have recommended something called the Jungle Trek where you mountain bike downhill the first day, zip line the second day then walk the third. Every night is in a hotel with all food included and in total, including machu pichu entry it works out to about $200 for 4 days, 3 nights. Amazing! I’m planning to go with Conde tours as they they are recommended to me and seem to have decent reviews.

Lunch was at Aldea Yanapay which invests it’s profits into funding a local school. For £2ish I got an unlimited vegetarian buffet which was very nice.


And the cafe was pretty.


In the afternoon I booked my Machu Pichu jungle trek then tried on what felt like every rental hiking boot in Cusco. I didn’t bring hiking boots with me as they’re heavy and I’ve had little need for then however apparently it’s rainy season so I need waterproof shoes for the walking part of the trip. The rental shoes, while cheap were generally horrible, had holes in them out just didn’t fit my freaky long but narrow feet argh. Tomorrow I will resume the search.

Afterwards I headed to yoga class Healing House. The other thing that had happened in the afternoon was my left eye had started to water like crazy and my nose was running. I was convinced that my evil suncream had caused it by dripping into my eyes so I wiped my face and decided it would go away. Big mistake. Yoga was awful, my eye watered so much it was like I was crying and my nose kept dripping. Grim!!! On top of that there were only two of us in class and the teacher spoke barely any English, despite the receptionist telling me she definitely spoke English. This time I understood slightly better than last time I tried a Spanish class in Buenos Aires but needless to say it wasn’t quite the relaxing experience I’d hoped for.

When I got back I realised I had wifi in my room so skyped the boyfriend for a bit which was a high point! Afterwards I headed out for lunch at a vegan restaurant called Green Point as recommended by a friend who lived her for a few months. I’m gutted that I didn’t have my phone with me as the lentil burger I ordered was the best burger (not just vegan burger) I’ve ever eaten. It was massive and came with some kind of amazing mushrooms and vegan cheese stuff which tasted unbelievable. That plus a giant bowl of sweet potato mash cost about £3 and the restaurant was lovely too with trees and birds painted on the walls. I’m definitely going back tomorrow so I’ll take pictures then!

Now I’m back at the hostel having an early night. I have full on cable tv and there are a couple of channels with subtitles not dubbing so I’ve been watching a bit of How I Met Your Mother and BBC World News which is nice every now and then when I’m so far away.


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