En route to Peru – copacabana

Today started early with a 6:30am departure on the Bolivia Hop bus. It was a relatively pain free 4 hour journey to Copacabana with some great views of lake Titicaca on the way.


We arrived on time and they let me leave my bags at a partner hotel so I could go find my hotel. This is where today all went wrong! I was recommended Hotel Mirador and found a room there for 120 bolivianos. I wanted a quiet nights sleeps after a few rough ones in buses and back at loki so was more than happy to pay a bit more. Sadly I noticed a noise like rain coming into the bathroom and decided I couldn’t sleep with it. After speaking to the receptionist in spanish and ending up in a semi argument (not helped by my ropey spanish and his complete lack of English) a guy in the lobby helped translate and he finally let me move to another room on the same floor. Not before making me walk down 4 floors with all my bags, assigning me another room on the same floor then only offering to help with my smallest bag. Sadly the next room had the same problem but even worse. I could understand noise from the toilet or shower above but this was non-stop.

By now I was starving and couldn’t take it anymore so I walked out. The receptionist called after me that I needed to pay 20 bolivianos for use of the bathroom and in my tiredness I just called behind me “noooo”. Afterwards I checked into the hotel next door which I’d rejected earlier for being 30 bolivianos more. I’m so happy I moved, for the extra £3 I have two double beds, an inclusive towel, later check out, a flat screen t and a much cleaner room. I’m so relieved! Also a little scared that the Bolivian law is going to track me down for my non-payment of the 20 bolivianos for the other hotel. I’ll be taking my distinctive bright pink jumper off!

Any how, that aside I’m liking copacabana.

First impression is a bit like a small seaside town in the uk complete with many gondolas.


Apart from the many daytime fireworks that Bolivian seem to love to set off in the street during carnival it’s quite peaceful and I’m currently enjoying lunch with a view.


So for my second bad morning of traveling (first was getting totally lost trying to find my hostel in Sucre) I think I’m doing ok!

Plans for tonight are to enjoy the hotel room, probably an early night with tv and maybe some yoga. There’s also a viewing to walk to and a few shops to check out. Nothing to strenuous and as I need to get rid of my bolivianos before I cross into Cusco tomorrow I can afford to get the nice food yay 😀


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