Hanging out in cusco

I’m loving Cusco. First job this morning was to fund hiking boots that fit. I headed to San Pedro market and found a pair for £11! I’m terrified of the blisters they’ll probably cause if I have to walk in them but it will be good to have an alternative to my running shoes if it rains I guess!

The market is great. I’m planning to spend my last day there stocking up on cheap alpaca clothes (poor Ben is going to have a lot to carry back from Panama!!!) You need a bit of a strong stomach as the clothes stores are right next to the raw meat stores. I didn’t take a picture as I was too scared of getting raw meat thrown at me.

Afterwards I was stopped in the street by a girl offering massages. It was 20 soles (£4) for 1 hour full body and I was feeling stiff after the bus yesterday so I went for it. It wasn’t bad at all.

For lunch I went to Bambu which is a Japanese place. The lunch menu costs about £5 for drink, soup, salad, deep fried wantans and dip and 12 rolls with your choice of one fish and two veg ingredients. I went for salmon, avocado and carrot. It was really good, amazing value!


I’ve noticed here that all the people are really happy. Even though the city is full of tourists they always smile and seem happy to see you. It’s great!

There seemed to be some kind of parade in town today. At first I was terrified that carnaval had followed me from Bolivia bit thankfully I have escaped more water. On closer insurrection it seemed to be something to do with school and a lot of people were holding signs with alphabet letters and things they spell. The traditional outfits are so vibrant



Post lunch I found a backpack to rent and I’m pretty sure got conned into paying £2 for a third of a roll of duct tape. I couldn’t find it anywhere and I wanted it to strap up the hotel door wound on my ankle from Copacabana. Stupid hotel door!!! Otherwise my £11 boots are doing ok. I tested them out by wearing them to walk up the hill to Christo Blanco which is a giant statue of Christ that overlooks the city. Unfortunately once I’d walked to about a 100 giant steps I couldn’t see it anymore! I mean it’s a gigantic white statue of Jesus, how did I manage to lose it?!? Anyhow, after a while hunting I gave up and decided to leave it until after I’ve done Machi Pichu. The epic amount if stairs did however give some nice views of the city.


Its raining today so it looks a little grey.

Instead I retreated to Jack’s cafe and tried the brownie and ice cream as recommended by friends Bob and Claire. It as indeed epic and I’m currently sitting reading magazines and drinking tea to calm the slight nausea brought in by eating it all. They have Vogue here. I like it a lot.




2 thoughts on “Hanging out in cusco

  1. Hi Hen,

    Hope your foot is ok – how bad was the damage to it from the door?

    Callie said she has read your blog and sent a message. Pouring with rain/sleet here this morning.

    Not long till Ben arrives – have a lovely time

    Love Mum xxx


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