More Copacabana misadventures and arrival in Cusco

I got up early on my second day in Copacabana and was shocked when the glass front door of the hotel fell off its hinges onto my leg! I was crying with the shock and pain but the hotel staff more or less ignored me. I don’t love my hotel choice anymore. Be careful of Hotel Estelar, dangerous doors!!!

In the morning I checked out a really nice cafe called el Condor and the Eagle which is run by a super friendly irish guy and his wife. I had homemade beans on toast on homemade bread which was awesome.


I chatted with the owner a bit and he gave me some recommendations for Cusco and explained why the wifi in Bolivia is so bad everywhere. Apparently it’s new to the country and most people were sold 18 month USB dongle contracts with the promise of 3/4G speeds. This means that more than one person using the wifi dilutes the single massively. Also the Internet companies don’t seem to be delivering the promised speeds and the government is possibly suing them. Very fishy big company goings on.

I was already mostly decided that the afternoon trip I had planned to a nearby island called the Isla Del Sol wasn’t worth it and the cafe owner confirmed this. Apparently you only get 30 mins of the island for 3+ hours spent on the boat. Instead I opted for a long walk around the lake with my book. It was beautiful, I didn’t see anyone for miles.



I had to head back for the bus at 5 so after chowing down on some avocado tacos I picked up my bags and headed for the meeting point.


So much avocado. Its everywhere here, I love it!!!

The journey to the Peruvian border was only 15 minutes and our Bolivia hop helped us through the process. My border guy was trying to watch the football at the same time as processing my passport so it took ages! It was funny to watch, he typed really slowly because he was trying to listen to the tv behind him then every so often he’d just turn around and watch for a while.

Back on the bus we headed for Puno, an optional stop on the Bolivia Hop route. I’d heard general bad things about the city so decided not to stay the night. We had a couple of hours break here and our guide took us to a bar where I had my first Pisco Sour (yum), ate the driest trout I’ve ever had (ick) and made friends with a girl who’d just left Cusco. Awkwardly she’d just done the same trip a couple of others on the bus were about to do but for literally half the price. She seemed determined to prove that they were being ridiculously overcharged by the company and I felt bad for them as the poor things had already paid.

Back on the bus we were subjected to Mrs Doubtfire (I don’t like it, don’t judge me too harshly!) so I did my best to sleep. There were only about 8 people on the bus so I had two seats to myself but as they don’t recline much I struggled to get any decent sleep before our guide woke us up at 5.45 to put us in a taxi to our hostels.

All in all I had a good experience with Bolivia hop. They were realiable, the buses worked, the guides were helpful and the promised bathrooms, videos and blankets were all present. Worth the extra money if you have it. I paid $39 for the hop on hop off trip from La Paz to Cusco, stopping for the night in Copacabana only.


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