Another day of lazing, number of completed pull ups=zero

Day 3 at Grace was very lazy indeed. After breakfast at the
Grace buffet we went back to sleep for a while before rousing ourselves for lunch at a place called Cozy salad, approximately 1 block from the hotel. It wasn’t bad! A stingy wrap was made up for by a tasty taco salad and my very happy discovery that Ranch dressing (at least the undoctored stuff) does not have mayo in it!!! I can now eat most of the salads here yay!

After lunch we dragged ourselves the 13 minute walk back to the metromall where we had more frozen yoghurt (less toppings this time 😦 ) and a disappointing piece of oreo cheesecake which look so good but had soggy base. We played Lord of the Rings top trumps for a long time before heading back to the hotel and hitting the gym. With the help of an epic youtube video playlist I struggled through 5 miles on the treadmill. I really can’t run like I used to! I’ve also mounted a quest to be able to do 1 pull up by the end of the week. Ben is being my trainer and so far it isn’t going well. I have managedto graduate from lifting 5lb weights to 10lbs but when I hang of the bar I feel like my arms will drop off and I can’t fathom how people actually move themselves upwards using only their arms. I think they must all cheat using some kind of secret pneumatics hidden in their clothes but so far Ben is choosing to withhold this information from me.

After spending some more time lazing by the pool we headed roughly 2 blocks from the hotel for dinner at Smash burger. This was very good. It’s a fast food burger place but it had Heinz ketchup, the best buns I’ve had in a burger anywhere and only cost $5-7 for the burgers. Great sweet potato fries too! I think it’s a chain in the US so try it if you’re there. I went through a phase of forgetting to take pictures so I’ll get some when we inevitably go back.


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