Fifty shades of food (in which $17 is inadvertently spent on FroYo)

So our activities so far have mostly involved eating and malls. There’s a lot of American style food here so we’ve been going crazy on the huge variety of junk!

Our first lunch out was at the New York Bagel cafe. They have about 12 types of bagel and similar numbers of cream cheese. We had a taxi salad and a parmesan bagel with sundried tomato cream cheese, with a chocolate chip bagel and strawberry cream cheese for dessert. They were solidly ok, I want overwhelmed with deliciousness but it was a lot of fun, especially the bright pink strawberry cream cheese


By the time we’d eaten it was already about 3.30 so we hung out at the hotel for a couple of hours before going back out for dinner. This time we tried a local 24 hour diner called Niko’s where I had rice, some kind of deep fried banana and refried beans and Ben had the sane but with fish and mashed potato  It was good! I think we paid $7 for everthing and they had 3 different TVs to watch (no sound).

Day 3 was a trip to the old town. We walked around a bit and looked at the houses. There’s so much restoration work going on here, it’s a mix between rundown but still lived in, buildings that are basically just the frontages while the insides are totally gutted and beautifully restored places that have been finished.




We walked around for an hour or so before having lunch at Super Gourmet. This place was recommended by Lonely Planet but I found it just meh. The veggie sandwich was small and had way over roasted aubergine in it. It was so shriveled and dry we couldn’t tell what it was! The tomato soup we had with it was nice but expensive at $3 for a small bowl. They did have good tea though.


Afterwards we accidental went crazy at a serve yourself FroYo place called Forever Yoghurt. First there were so many interesting flavours-cake batter, peanut butter, cookies and cream- how could we not accidentally over portion in the giant containers. Next the toppings, there must have been 30 options with things like cheese cake pieces, birthday cake, cookie dough, peanut butter marshmallows, broken up crispy stuff, brightly coloured things. Just so many things we don’t have in England! And finally, the sauces including marshmallow fluff. The result – $17.50 of FroYo and sickly Hen and Ben. So worth it though.




To help it go down we walked along the esplanade back to town and the Multicentro mall. The esplanade lacks shade so be careful in the middle of the day but otherwise is a nice 4km path along the coast, linking the old town with the new.


When we reached the mall we tried to shop for new flip flips for both of us but quickly got distracted by the arcade area where we went nuts on air hockey, guitar hero and evil dead 2. Next up we decided to take advantage of the cheap cinema (only $5 each!) and the only film without dubbing at the time was 50 Shades of Grey. My honest opinion is that it sucked! The first 30 minutes was face scratching awkward because of the terrible dialogue and the rest was just dull. I thought everyone involved did there best, it just became very obvious from watching it that the raw material in the book has pretty much nothing to it when most of the sex is stripped away. Also, when I saw it on screen I started to understand all the stuff about Christian being creepy and controlling, he comes across as bordering insane!

Anyway, after we were freed it was time for dinner and we checked out Quiznos which is an American  (I think) chain a bit like subway. We ordered 2 giant wraps which weren’t so giant and were at least 57% dressing but did the job. And then to bed! Its been a tired week.


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