Riande aeropuerto and ben arrival

My journey from Cusco to Panama was my first ever three leg flight.  Cusco-Lima, Lima-Bogota, Bogota-Panama City. After an easy journey to the airport it looked like it was all falling apart at the first flight. We were halfway down the runway with the captain making his welcome announcement when the whole plane died. As in nothing worked;  the aircon went off, the phones went dead so the crew had to walk up and down to talk to each other and the captain had to come out into the cabin to speak to us. I’m no stranger to planes breaking so I expected the worst. However, by some miracle after an hour and twenty minutes, a type back to the gate and a surprisingly quick fix we were on our way and I made my connection! The next two flights were less eventful and I made it to Panama City at 12:30am. I flew through immigration and baggage and luckily a nice security guard helped me get a taxi to the hotel which was 5 mins from the airport. Lovely Ben bought me a night here as a Valentines present and it was amazing to get to the hotel and find two comfortable double beds waiting. I crashed out at 2ish and slept until breakfast then killed time until Ben arrived by checking out gym, taking a couple of yogaglo glo classes and celebrating having a good selection of cable by watching a lot of hbo.

Ben arrived at 9pm after a traumatic journey so we had another early night. It was very nice to see him after 2 months apart!


By the way there is almost nothing landside at Panama City airport. I headed there four hours early thinking I’d shop a little and find a coffee shop to read. All I found was one pretty horrible 24 hour restaurant where I ordered the cheapest thing on the menu (a small and nasty caprese sandwich for $7) and stayed until I’d well outstayed my welcome. To make it worse you can see the airside food court from the cafe where there is cinnabon, subway and all kinds of other stuff!


Ick! It had been brushed with what seemed like margarine to make it shiny

The hotel itself wasn’t bad at all. The prices are strange-$140 on the first night just for me but only $90 on the second for me and ben-but we had a tv, balcony, nice pool, breakfast buffet and all the other standard amenities of a nice hotel so I’d recommend it for a night if you’re stuck by the airport.


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