The Panama Canal

We messed up our trip to the canal pretty epicly! First, we decided to go last minute as the hotel gym was broken and we couldn’t think of anything else to do so downstairs and jumped into a taxi. The taxi was probably double the price we should have paid as we panicked and jumped into the first one the hotel doorman found us (an aircon, luxury type model) but it got us there and was a lot more comfortable than the standard Panama City taxi.

On arriving at the Miraflores Lock we paid the $15 each to enter the visitors centre and headed straight to the viewing deck to see some boats. After we’d been there about half an hour an announcement came telling us the next would come at 2.45. As it was only 12.30 we set off to kill time in the museum and with the 3D info film. After getting through the museum in 20 minutes and the film in 10 we decided to have some lunch. It took a few minutes walking up and down the stairs to realise that all three of the restaurants on site were closed for renovations! We were pretty hungry and thought about waiting but decided we’d be such hungry monsters by the time the boat arrived that we’d ruin it for ourselves so we got the first taxi back into town.

I am a bit gutted that we didn’t see a boat going through as I doubt I’ll go back and from talking to others its an impressive sight. My advice? Do some research first and time your visit better than we did!

Here is a picture of the locks anyway


And a couple from the museum, which wasn’t bad as museums go




As well as canal related exhibits they had models/actual giant bugs to illustrate what can be found in the jungle. I found them terrifying!


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