10 things that have made me happy this week

I saw this idea on someone else’s blog and I liked it so I’m copying it. The idea is that every week I’ll write down 10 things that made me happy. Its so easy sometimes to get stuck in the negative and stop noticing the little things that happen to brighten up the day and I’m hoping this will help me to appreciate them more.

1) Arriving in Puerto Viejo, seeing the beautiful Costa Rican beaches and finding I had a private double room with nice private bathroom for the same price as a dorm bed.

2) Actually cooking something for the first time in two months

3) Getting my first 8 letter word on words with friends. Over 100 points, boom!

4) Having a sudden epiphany about my career on the beach. Don’t laugh but I think I could make a great internal auditor.

5) My BFF Jess inviting me to murder mystery and dinner for her birthday. One of the best things about going home will be seeing my friends again πŸ˜€

6) Ben giving me access to his Netflix and finding out that you can access way more content over here. Friends, How I Met Your Mother to name just a couple. Wow!

7) Getting a decent martini (passion fruit flavoured, I’ve long since learned my lesson on the straight ones!) for the first time in months. Even better I drank it with someone who used to work for Crossrail!

8) Pagalu hostel having Lipton yellow label tea on tap all day and the supermarket selling non-UHT milk to drink with it. Good tea for the first time in ages.

9) Laughing so much at a youtube video of cats being cats that I had to stop it because the bed was shaking.

10) Getting my yoga teacher training intro email. So exciting, and even better they are picking up in a beach town called San Juan del Sur. I thought I needed to get to Managua airport which would have been a mission so this is much better.


3 thoughts on “10 things that have made me happy this week

  1. Costa Rica sounds lovely – beautiful photos. Away in Les Arcs at the moment. Did you send the lovely box of food ? It arrived just before I had to leave for airport so will look at it when I get back. Love Mum xx


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