10 things that made me happy this week (2)

1) Ditching the Internet and chatting to the couple next to me at breakfast in my hostel. The girl worked for KLM and they were flying staff travel so I found out all about that and how it compares to British Airways.

2) Found out that my sister Mel and her family are coming home from Singapore for good. Yay!!!!!

3) Realising that the pleasant piano music I’d been listening to for an hour or so in the hostel lounge was actually being played by a live pianist with a keyboard sitting outside!

4) Good bus journey from Puerto Viejo to San Jose: the bus was comfortable, we were early despite being stuck in traffic loads, I unexpectedly had a nice aussie girl from the hostel as a travel buddy AND I got a decent taxi driver to take me to the hostel who found it no problem and didn’t try to rip me off.

5) Buying a ticket for the tour of the San Jose nationwide theatre. I love theatres and it was so nice to be doing something after a couple of (admittedly enjoyable) weeks of alternating lazing with eating out.

6) Frozen yoghurt on San Jose. Much cheaper than in Panama and they had cheese cake flavour!

7) The fairy lights at my first hostel in Granada and the old school music, the cat and the dog at my second hostel.

8) Falafel sandwich the size of my head at Pita Pita in Granada and the lovely gardens at so many coffee shops here


9) Finding a space on the night tour to the Masaya volcano for tonight, at the first tour office I went to

10) The breeze by the lake in Granada. Its crazy hot here so it was lovely to find some shade!


3 thoughts on “10 things that made me happy this week (2)

  1. Hi Hen,
    Hope you had a good trip to the volcano – just looked it up on Google. The cafĂ© gardens look beautiful.
    All ok here. Just got back from Les Arcs after brilliant week skiing with the Gloucester group. Tracey and I took lessons which really improved our skiing. I was so tempted to buy a mini baby ski suit for Hera – so cute! I sent a t shirt from St Anton instead.
    Cut the lawn for the first time yesterday and collected Toffee from Sue Thomas’s. He looks so fluffy, spring coat staring to appear. Snowdrops have gone but daffodils are out so everything looks lovely. Has a short snow storm today but sunny now. Off to work tonight, I will show Gma your blog when I see her tomorrow.
    Lots of love
    Mum xxx
    PS. just had some of the flavourly food – really nice, going to order another box with the voucher that came with it.


    • Hello Henrietta,Much enjoy following your travels and hope all keeps going well for you.All’s well here.Last weekend I was in the New Forest and will be at Owlbarn for Easter.Best wishes and love. Jim.


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