Things that made me happy this week (3)

1) Looking down into an active volcano crater at Masaya

2) $7 breakfast buffet with reasonable poached eggs at the chocomuseo in Granada

3) Having 3 nights in the same hostel after 3 nights of moving every day. So nice to put my bags down for a while!

4) Watching Thor. Unexpectedly awesome.

5) Finding an air conditioned coffee shop at the mall in Granada. Finally!

6) Finding out that my visa is fine for 90 days even though the tourist card says 30. No more land border crossings this trip woo!!!!!!

7) The smiley man who grabbed me for the bus to Granada. Made my day.

8) Oreo McCono. Om nom nom.

9) Unexpectedly getting a private yoga class for $5 when I was the only one who showed up. I was really self conscious at first but it ended up being great. We did lots of back bends and I lifted my hand of the floor in wheel. Never done that before!!! The same thing happened the next day but this time I got into king pigeon (Google it) which is something I never dreamed I’d be able to do yay!

10) Kayaking with my fun new hostel friends on the lake in Granada. The route was beautiful, the company great and to top it off the guide capsized hilariously!


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