Things that made me happy this week (4)

1) 80s music fest on a random chicken bus. I hardly hear any western music in Nicaragua so this was an unexpected treat!

2) The people on my trek to Volcam Conseguia. Every so often the stars align and you get a great group. This was one of those times.

3) Camping in a see through tent under the stars, and being given actual porridge and granola for breakfast!

4) Getting the days off work in August to go to Budapest with the shire crew.

5) The super smily man who invited our hiking group to shelter from the sun at his house when we couldn’t find our boat and the only people around were super drink because of Semana Santa.

6) All the animals in the garden of the man above! 

7) Finding another good yoga class in Granada

8) Losing my belly button ring. I’ve had it for 13 years and it hurt like crazy to get it done so initially I was horrified but now it’s gone I’ve realised how much it got in the way of my backpack and how much I’m always paying with it! It’s strangely liberating not having it there and I’m planning to let it close up. At least for a while anyway!

9) Bumping into someone who comes from a village a few miles from mine and also knows my friend Ramiz in the toilets at a ladies night in Managua.

10) My current roommates, they’re great!


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