10 things that made me happy this week (5)

1) Finding wifi at the last minute after a power cut on the day I head to wifi no man’s land in yoga teacher training. It meant I got to chat to Ben and Kirsty before I left.

2) The stars over the beach in Ostional

3) My last evening with the yoga crew, smoking shisha in a random falafel shop in San Juan

4) The breakfast at Casa Oro in San Juan. Day 1 was pancakes, day 2 the best breakfast burritos I’ve ever had and it was only $10 for the bed!

5) Starting to read Amazonia. I’m hooked already.

6) The lunch I just had which was possibly the most satisfying thing ever. Rice and beans, fried plantains, fried nica cheese, a perfectly cooked chicken breast, avocado and a cabbage salad. So good I didn’t even use ketchup (and I use ketchup on everything!)

7) The giant burrito salad from ajua and the friendly guy who served it to me

8) House of Cards. I’m two episodes in and loving it!

9) Random chat while the hostel slowly flooded and the power went out.

10) My room not flooding in the epic rain thank god!


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