10 things that made me happy this week (6)

1) My room and the welcome at hotel Monte Cristi. I stayed for my last night in nicaragua because it’s by the airport and the owner couldn’t have been nicer. I also have aircon and cable tv!

2) My last Nicaraguan dinner, eaten on a balcony at the only restaurant near the hotel. Great chicken, lovely service and $3 for the lot.

3) The necklace a friend at my hostel in Granada gave me as I left. Look down at it and take 3 deep breaths and it will all be ok. He also gave me some of his brownie. Yum!


4) My kingsize room at the Toronto airport travelodge and very good value breakfast buffet.

5) Its gloriously cool in Toronto! About 20 degrees I guess. There’s plenty of time for me to start hating it but right now I’m loving not doing of heat.

6) Finding a giant hmv, then only paying $2 for a massively reduced pair of headphones there.

7) Chatting to friendly shop assistants. People here are really nice!

8) Tim Hortons: tea and a bagel with cream cheese for $3.50

9) Black squirrels. These seem to be the norm in Canada.

10) The parks at Niagara. Unexpected and beautiful.



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