Feed the snake! Cricket at the oval

On Friday I went on a work outing to the 20:20 cricket at the Oval. Cricket has a somewhat stuffy reputation but after going to a 20:20 match in Sri Lanka a few years ago my perceptions were totally changed. Now Sri Lanka is something else, there’s lots music and people dance and cheer like they’re at a music festival. I recommend.

The UK version doesn’t quite match that but it’s still worth a visit. The main difference is that people here seem to use it as an excuse to drink and chat with not much cricket watching or dancing going on. Which is a lovely thing to do on a summers day! We saw a Surrey Middlesex match and enjoyed it a lot.  There are plenty of drinks around, beer is £5 whether you buy it and I had a couple of gin and tonics made with fancy natural mixers (I can’t remember the name sadly!) Which were £5.50 for a single or £6.50 for a double. Excellent value for London!

My (admittedly infantile) favourite thing about the evening was when lots of people in the crowd started building towers from empty beer glasses and chanting “feed the snake”. The stewards did not like this and much hilarity ensued as the cup snakes were passed around in an effort to avoid the approaching stewards. I found it hilarious and such a nice, English thing to happen. At football the stewards have to deal with fights and risk of the crowd trampling at each other. At cricket it’s a few drunk and roudy city workers building towers from cups. Excellent!


After the match we made a quick exit to get to my friends birthday party in Shoreditch at Summer Tales. I’d bought us £12 queue jump tickets and was pretty excited about this but sadly it turned out I’d bought then for the week after and there was an epic queue to get in. We ended up at the Benito’s Hat in King’s Cross getting Burritos. I love Benito’s Hat so while I was disappointed about Summer Tales this was A-ok.


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