Breakfast at the Regency

The Regency is an amazing breakfast and lunch spot just off the well beaten Victoria Street track, on Regency Street. Trust me, if you go around lunch time you will know it by the queue stretching back out the door. Don’t let that put you off though – they are experts in queue management and whatever the size of your group you will have a table waiting once you’ve placed your order. On that note, remember….. NEVER sit down before you place your order. If you do you will be politely asked to get back up.

In terms of menu expect standard breakfast fare, oversized omelette with chips, liver with chips, giant burger with chips and so on. You get the picture! A full English is about £5.50 including tea or coffee and a choice of baked beans or tomato. Its not the cheapest in the area but it’s close enough and the novelty value and slick service make it well worth the extra 50p!

I ordered beans on brown toast with mushrooms and a tea. It was massive.


Its not often I get particularly excited about tea, I’m just not very fussy, but the tea they serve here is excellent even though it comes out of a pot that has presumably been stewing a while. They manage to get the milk just right too.

Other things to note:

– the place was used to film a scene in Layer Cake. I’ve never seen it but anyone who has seem to know it as “oh yeah, the caff in that scene!”

– it is the work place of the shouty lady. Go. See.


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