Recipe: Mostly raw blueberry vanilla mousse

I’m really into making raw and vegan desserts at the moment. It’s fun to try strange combinations of ingredients and see theme come together into something that doesn’t taste bad at all (although admittedly often nothing like the thing it’s trying to copy!). I also love that they’re usually easy to whip up with not too many ingredients. Perfect for everyday sweet cravings or when you want something different to take to work as an afternoon snack.

A few days ago I made a raw salted caramel cheesecake I find on another blog (it’s here and tasted yum!) And had some cashews left over so decided to try another cheesecake recipe. When I started though I couldn’t gave the painful process of blending up the nuts for the base with my less than adequate blender so decided to just make the ‘cheese’ portion as a kind of mouse. That got me wondering whether some leftover sweet potato would enhance the result and I’m happy to say it did! The result was a perfectly sweet, beautifully textured mousse type dessert.

To make it I soaked

100g of cashews and
6 dates

in water until soft (I blitzed in the microwave to speed up the process this time but have previously left overnight).

Next I put one small sweet potato in the microwave and blitzed it until soft, putting it in a bowl of cold water to cool then peeling off the skin.

I then chopped the cooked sweet potato into small pieces, added into the bowl with the dates, cashews and just enough water to cover the mixture (I partly drained the dates and cashews, retaining some of the water to use in the mix). Next I blended the whole lot with a hand blender until smooth.

The final step is to add your mix ins, this is the fun bit! I mixed vanilla essence into the whole lot, then split half between 3 glass pots that I’d saved from Gu desserts. Into the other half I blended some blueberries, again keeping going until smooth, then added this into the pots on top of the original mix to give a fun layered look. Once done I popped then into the fridge to set overnight. All done in 15 minutes!


The picture really doesn’t do it justice, it tastes good I promise!


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