Best places to run abroad (and a couple not to)

I like to fit in a run whenever I’m in a new city. Its a great way to see the place and to enjoy a bit of time alone. Yes, people may think I’m nuts but I love it so here is a summary of the places of tried, which ones were great and which ones made me wish I hadn’t bothered to walk out the door in the first place


Buenos Aires: I was intimated by the city at first but the roads are quiet and temperature manageable in the early morning, lots of people run and the nature reserve (the Costanera Del Sud I think) is perfect with miles of trails close to the centre of town

Chilean patagonia: beautiful towns with well maintained and marked lakeside paths. My favorite running in South America.

Stockholm: lovely big parks and weather was perfect
Helsinki: nice temperature, lots of lakes and a long river path to run along

New York: Central Park is iconic and there are loads of places to refuel afterwards. There are a lot of other runners so you don’t feel weird

The hotel gym: no brainer

Portugal: along the algarve in spring. It’s hilly and rugged but beautiful

Bath: great scenery and a good path along the canal

Reykjavik: ran with my friend Dave and the scenery was incredible. Cold too, nice and bracing before breakfast

Derby: you can run for miles along the canal, it’s lovely


Swiss alps: ridiculously step, I made it about 500m. It was fun running downhill though and the view is amazing.

Budapest: soooo hot. Like 40 degrees hot. Also, everyone stays out really late so when I headed out at 7am I saw plenty of people out at clubs or having an end of night kebab.

Cusco: The altitude is a killer and I didn’t see anyone else running which put me off. Also, narrow streets and hoards of tourists don’t make it easy.

Sucre: There were actually several locals running here but again, the altitude got me.

La Paz: unexpectedly, I found a large park with lots of runners but wasn’t in running gear and found the hills at 5,000m altitude difficult even when walking.

Venice: this may be worst place I’ve ever run.  Loads of tourists even at 6am and I got totally lost on the windy streets which don’t seem to conform to any maps of the city.

Palau Tioman, Malaysia: so hot I got a migraine on finishing, and people looked at me strangely

Koh Tao: pretty but the heat got me again

Nicaragua: I tried a few times while there as I was bored but it was just so hot. I considered it a good day when I made it 2 miles. Pure in Granada has a few treadmills and is quite shady – I did 5k there a couple of times but stopped as I got nauseous afterwards.

Costa Rica: this was actually ok with a slightly more manageable temperature than nicaragua and more shade but the drivers were crazy


Oslo: not much to see but clear paths and decent sized parks

Copenhagen: we were staying out in the sticks so a bit boring but totally doable with plenty of routes and nice weather

Singapore: hot but lots of people out running and the temperature is manageable at dusk. Pretty good running in the botanical garden and by the river too. Just try not to fall over and gash your knee like I managed.

Valencia: hot but lots of locals out running and an old river bed come park in the centre of the city where I managed 13 miles without trauma

Bocas del Toro, Panama: got up early and made it 8k here, I enjoyed the long road around the island and relatively little traffic.

And the places I didn’t even try

Panama (too hot and the pavement was horrendous/non-existent)
Toronto (too tired and cycling was more interesting)


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