Canada and USA 2016: Seattle part 2

The rest of our time in Seattle as a combination of enjoying relaxing in beautiful ballard and exploring downtown. Here are the highlights:

Ballard farmers market

Held on Sunday morning and pleasantly untouristed. We walked around in the rain (very glad of our ski jackets!) then stopped for food. Ben was very happy with his hot dog and I enjoyed my tamale which came with lots of colourful vegetables.

Locks and botanic garden

We walked about 20 minutes from the farmers market to the locks and got lucky that there were boats going through. It was so interesting to evesdrop on a tour guide on one if the boats talking about how the locks worked. We also wondered round the botanic gardens next door. They were very pretty and would be lovely for a non-rainy day.




I ran from our apartment to Greenlake on our first morning, and what a lovely run it was. The lake has a well maintained and well used path circling it and you can complete a nice flat 5k without too much trouble. It would also be nice for a walk.


Beneath the streets

This was a great tour of Seattle’s underground tunnels with a lively history of the city thrown in for good measure. Neither of us are tour people, we’re too easily bored and want to go out own way, which means this must have been excellent as the hour flew by! At only $10 each (including fees) bought through groupon this was a steal. I would have been happy to pay full price for the quality of the tour.

The cheesecake factory

Had to be done. I’ve never experienced anything in the uk that compares to the breath and quality of food here combined with great service. I’d only been once before, a few years ago on Chicago and we got so full on the massive appetisers so I was keen to revisit it with Ben! I ordered the chicken lettuce wraps which were fresh and tasty, Ben ordered the mac and cheese burger which was probably awful healthwise but so tasty! The mac and cheese was deep fried and sandwiched in top of the burger patty. Yum! We also had a slice of cookie dough cheesecake. I’m glad I’ve finally tried it but never feel the need to try it again – so rich and sickly but addictive which led to slight nausea.




University of Washington

We spent an afternoon wandering around here which was lovely. Its all gothic style buildings and cherry blossom. Definitely with a visit. We also visited a nearby cafe that only sold biscuits (I can’t remember the name but it will for sure come up if you Google it) which was tasty. Also a weird experience for Ben and I as we were really obviously surrounded by students and it’s been a long time since guys stage if our lives!




And then we were finished in Seattle šŸ˜¦

We took the bus then the light rail to the airport. Having not had much luck with Seattle public transport we left an hour and a half more than we needed to get to the airport. Happily it wasn’t needed and everything went smoothly. A mention here to Alaska air who flew us to our next destination of Las Vegas. The flight went really smoothly and the customer service was great. They even included a free soft drink. Very pleased!


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