Toronto day 2: Tim Hortons and the Eaton Centre

Toronto has spectacular shopping. After months of not buying anything I walked into the Eaton Centre and wanted to buy everything! Its huge and super modern.



I managed to restrain myself to a pair of $10 Jeans from Forever 21 (I can’t believe how cheap they were!), a pair of weather appropriate shoes and the vinyasa scarf from Lululemon. Lulu is still expensive here but the prices in Canadian dollars are the same as pounds so I paid $54 here for a scarf that back home is about £54. Bargain! I also love the thing, it’s a snood but the ends button together so you can use it as a towel, blanket or shawl as well. I’m so happy with it. Also, the shop assistants here are much friendlier than at home. The girl in hmv (they still have it here, it’s amazing!) chatted about her favourite record shops and recommended a good coffee shop, and the guy in lululemon chatted for ages even though I decided not to buy their yoga mat.

I intended to go to the cinema, which is a bit cheaper here than home, but spent so long shopping I missed it! Instead I decided to try Tim Hortons, a chain of coffee shops started by a famous Canadian hockey player. They sold me a fancy tea (orange pekoe) with the perfect amount of milk plus a cream cheese bagel for $3.50. I’ve decided to ditch my love of Starbucks and make Tim Hortons my faceless chain of choice!


Afterwards I headed to a yoga class. It was ok but although billed as advanced was the equivalent of a strong level 1 class at home so I left disappointed.

Back at the hostel I checked the election really progress and chatted for a bit. There’s a nice mixture of people here. Some are living here while looking for a job and some are Canadians using the hostel instead of a hotel on short breaks. I wasn’t looking forward to going to bed as my dorm has a snorer. I was hoping to fall asleep before he got back but he’d decided to take an early night argh! I eventually managed to sleep with the help of some new earplugs and comforted myself with the duvet provided by the hostel. Its so long since I’ve had/needed anything other than a thin sheet to sleep under I’d forgotten how great duvets are!


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